During Easter break it was time to visit new places. This time: Monaco, Monte-Carlo. A really surreal place. Shine and glamour, a lot of money, fancy cars and labels. But as great as this place seems we all realized that this is not the real world and sooner or later every actor in this town must go back to reality. For me and two friends this trip to paradise lasted two full days.


I took the train directly to Monaco, Monte-Carlo. The train station there is beautiful. Already during the train ride you can admire the amazing French Rivera as the train finds its way next to the sea. Once arrived, you can enjoy a beautiful view over Monte-Carlo and its harbor.

We lived in one of the few airbnb apartments the city offers. As the place is really small and you can basically walk everywhere most of the apartments and hotels Monaco offers have a great location.


Keep in mind that the actual party starts in July and August before not all places are open and also really important: On Monday restaurant are often closed in France & Monaco, especially off-season. Nevertheless, there are still great places to eat. One restaurant I can recommend is: La Note Bleue. The place has amazing Thai food and what’s even better, you literally sit at the beach while eating your lunch or dinner. So, don’t miss out this place while you are there.

If you are into Sushi definitely go to the Buddha Bar. I couldn’t dine there because it was closed on Monday but everyone recommended me this place and it looks amazing as well. So, you could be the lucky one.

For drinks during the day there is definitely only one place to go if you don’t go to the beach: Nikki Beach. The club is located on top of the Fairmont Hotel and from there you can enjoy an amazing view over most of Monaco and its seaside.

Processed with VSCO with m3 presetNikki Beach

If you want to observe or even get to know the real people of Monaco go to Sass’ Cafe during the night. Sass’ is a great restaurant in the evening and then around 12pm and 1 am turns into a club. At Sass’ you can see the actors of Monaco. Just observe. Or dance, because the music is quite good. By the way, if you are lucky you can even meet stars. People like the U2 singer or Brad Pitt have been partying there in the past.

If you don’t feel like partying: go to the famous Monte-Carlo Casino. Even if you are not that into gambling because this is definitely a place you need to see. The palace where the Casino is located is wonderful. Unfortunately, it’s not allowed to take pictures from the inside so I cannot show you how beautiful it looks.

casinoView of the Casino


Definitely go visit the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. It is still the official residence of the Sovereign Prince of Monaco when they are home. The palace is magnificent, the rooms, the furniture, the style, everything. The rooms you get to see are mainly public rooms but anyway it feels great to be at the very place where the royal family until today executes their job and officially welcomes guests.

I would recommend you to walk up to the palace (there is also a bus). It doesn’t take that long (10 minutes) and it offers you an incredible view over the harbor of Monte-Carlo.

monacoView over Monaco

We also booked a ticket for the Royal Car Collection. I am not that much into cars but nevertheless the tour was quite interesting. There are not only race cars like you might expect but they also have cars used for polar expeditions or military cars. So there comes a lot of history with it as well.

And speaking of cars: I guess most of the people know about the Monaco Grand Prix that takes place on the very streets of Monaco. Walking through the streets of Monte-Carlo you realize this even more. Almost everything on the streets is designed for this race. In some curves for example in front of the Fairmont Hotel you can even see the red and white drawings on the streets.

And for everyone how wants to see labels. You definitely can. I propose going to the Les Pavillons Monte-Carlo next to the Casino and the Hotel de Paris. Even if you can’t afford shopping there the experience is worth it. The pavillons are all unique and have been built for a time not longer than four years. They are mobile and will only be there during the period the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo and the Sporting d’Hivers will be renovated. During this time, you can find stores like Louis Vuitton or Akris in these pavillons. Behind the pavillons there is a beautiful park to relax.


portrait monacoShirt: &other stories | Jeans: Lewis




    1. hey! okay so always keep in mind that monaco is one of the most expensive places in the world. Especially when it comes to food, even as a Swiss citizen I was surprised by the high prices. Calculate about 40 euro per person for a proper restaurant meal. (meat dishes normally start around 30 euros) For accomondation we payed around 110 euro I think per person via airbnb. Don’t book last minute because there aren’t many. The sooner you book, the better the deal.
      For sightseeing we only did the palace where you had to pay and the prices seemed quite okay for me – 11 euros for a palace tour & car collection.
      So definitely keep in mind the food part & of course drinks if you want.
      I think I spent around 300 euros including food, accomondation, drinks & sightseeing.


      1. Thank you LouAnan for all the information. That is great, I have heard that Monaco is really expensive, but I did not know that it might be more expensive than Switzerland, that is intense 🙂 But thank you anyway and happy travels 🙂

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  1. For such a small country, there seems to be so much to do! I’ve always wanted to visit Monaco but want to even more now after this post. You hit on all my favorite things to do – restaurants, sushi, and gambling 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow!! Such an amazing blog on monaco. Beautiful pics, your itinerary and the way you have written, is so perfect. There is so much to do in Monaco. Thanks for writing this amazing post on internet.

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