I never had an energizing morning routine. Normally, I got up had breakfast and after that I rushed to high school or university.

Since, I started following several lifestyle and well-being bloggers on all kinds of social media, I realized that having certain rituals and foods included into your morning routine can help you be more motivated and energized during the day.

This is when I started to implement one thing at a time into my morning routine. And it was also the moment when I started to observe what people I appreciate for their calmness and motivation all through day long include in their morning routine. Because they all had some kind of a morning routine and – guess what – they were all similar.

Following, I want to share the two most important things to include in a morning routine: FOOD and ECERCISE. So here is my morning routine: (keep in mind that the times vary depending on whether I have class in the morning or not 😊)

7.30-8.00 am: my alarm goes off and I try to get out of bed and put in my contact lenses

8.00-8.45 am: drink and eat.

The very first thing I do after putting in my contact lenses is drinking about half a liter of water with lemon. I mostly put in lemon because I don’t like drinking plain water in the early morning. But actually, drinking lemon water in the morning is very beneficial as it helps to detox your skin & body and gives you vitamin C. So, if you’re like me and you don’t like water in the morning this is something you should definitely try. Also, I feel like it is really vitalizing me in the morning.

While drinking my lemon water I prepare breakfast. Usually I prepare some oatmeal or muesli with almond milk and lots of fruits. Not only do they help your digestive system but they also give you a great variety of vitamins and wakes you up. I really enjoy eating about two to four different fresh fruits in the morning.

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8.30-9.10 am: exercise.

Yes, I know, exercising. Every day. But let’s be clear I don’t do a full workout every day. Especially in the beginning my body couldn’t handle a cardio workout seven times a week, what is totally normal. And to be honest, I am not the girl that loves doing sports, but the more I do it, the more I start to like it. So, I usually I do a cardio workout about three to four times a week. In between I practice a calm yoga routine or go for a one hour walk (depending on how much time I have). Moving everyday makes me reduce stress and nervousness. And like eating fruits and drinking water it really gives me energy and motivation for the day.

9.10-9.45 am: get ready for university

This is my morning routine. I hope I could inspire some of you, even if it only includes two activities. I would also love to hear about your morning routine because I am always adapting mine. So, leave me a comment with your morning routine.


5 thoughts on “MY MORNING ROUTINE

    1. @Debbie
      Oh, I now this so well, as it was the same for me for a long time! I really had to improve it step by step. First I implemented food. I think this part can be quite easy because you can prepare it the evening before so you don’t loose that much time in the morning.

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