Today I’ll be sharing my ten favorite items for this spring season. I always love reading about other people’s favorite products and items so I guess this might be attractive for you as my readers as well. The items I will present you vary from garments to beauty products as well as apps and organizational stuff. Hoping to inspire at least some of you.

My first and most important item is my Moleskine diary. As I am a quite a messy and unorganized person one of my resolutions for my Milan stay was to get more organized. I bought this notebook at the Moleskine shop in Milan as they have right now a 50% discount on all their 2017 diaries. The diary has a good structure and layout. You always have an overview of the whole week and there is enough space for comments or thoughts. This way I start to get an overview about all my appointments and deadline. Nevertheless, I’m still struggling with my To-Do-List. Right now, I do transfer the most important things to my diary, but most of them are still on my laptop or even in the notes of my iPhone so I always forget it. Thus, I’m still looking for a good solution for this problem. Tell me how you handle your To-Do’s I am highly interested.


While I am still running around to get all my To-Do’s done, I like to stay hydrated. As I don’t like to have many PET bottles with me, I bought myself a glass bottle by TEATOX. It is originally designed to carry tea or any other warm beverages but in summer I just fill in water, this works and I like the design.

In spring my two most worn items are the classic denim jacket and H&M basic T-shirts. Denim jackets in my opinion are timeless and as basic white or grey T-shirts you can combine it with almost everything and it fits day and night. So, never run out of basic shirts.

Number five and six are my favorite beauty items. As I love natural and organic products my two beauty products I use the most are the RUB RUB RUB Shower Scrub by LUSH and the LEMON FLUTTER by LUSH a butter for my cuticles. The shower scrub is a sea salt – jasmine peeling. I like to use the it after a workout as it refreshes my legs and feet but also for my hair because I believe it makes them thicker and stronger, so at least they feel thicker when I touch them afterwards. The butter is rich avocado oil and shea butter with a lemon fragrance. I prefer to not only use it on my cuticle but lotion my hands and sometimes also my elbows as they tend to be dry all the time and the butter is quite moisturizing.


Besides doing facial massages to relax I like to also meditate. At the moment, I am using the 7Mind App. They offer different meditation programs for stress reduction, falling asleep, boosting your creativity, loosing anxiety and many more. So, you can always choose the one course that suits you the best at the moment.

Number eight is essential oils. Whenever I feel tense or stressed out I like to massage some lavender essential oils on my wrist and neck. Essential oils in general smell amazing and make you feel very good but besides that they also offer a variety of health benefit. Lavender oil in this case is anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, immune boosting, sedative and many more. It’s perhaps the most effective essential oil out there.



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