I moved to Milan a month ago now. In the beginning, I was a little bit bored, I didn’t know many things to do in the city, like good restaurants, places, parks and so on. The only thing I knew where the highly touristic attraction like Il Duomo, the shopping mile Vittorio Emanuele II and Navigli.

The weeks passed by and I got to know great people and I realized that Milan is a very interesting city. There is a lot to visit and do especially if one is interested in arts, furniture, vintage or history. In this post, I would like to introduce you to some of these spots, so that next time you visit Milan you know more places than just the obvious ones.

I split the list up into three categories so it is more clearly arranged: food & drinks, culture and shopping.

Food & Drinks

Terrazza Duomo 21: This fancy lounge / restaurant is located in the heart of Milan – at Duomo. However, the entrance is quite hidden. From the restaurant, you have a breath-taking view over the dome and the whole place in front of it. The food and the drinks are delicious but be aware that the place is a little bit expensive and exalted.

Ricette Tricolori: This great Italian restaurant is located right behind Porta Ticinese at Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio. A place where you can experience real Italian cuisine.

Sofa Café: Sofa café is a tiny place in Navigli. I especially love to have breakfast or brunch there on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Libreria Verso: In this bookstore, you can sit down and have a coffee or tea – but most important: eat the best Focaccia in town! During the week when the coffee shop is not that busy they also allow you to stay there and study or read.

Chocolat: best ice cream in town – no more words needed!

IMG_8800Sofa Cafe


Museo del Novecento: Right now, they’re having a special exhibition called “60’s boom art”. They also have great art pieces from Picasso or Kandinsky. Located in the heart of Milan next to the Duomo the museum offers a magnificent view.

Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense: The national library in Milan is a public library located at Palazzo di Brera and is one of the largest libraries in Italy. It has been charged with the legal deposit of all publications from Milan. Besides the books they house also the architecture of the library itself is amazing. And don’t forget to have a look at the Brera Academy of fine Arts that is as well located at this monumental place.

Fondazione Prada: This institution is co-chaired by Miuccia Prada and contains the best of contemporary art and culture.

IMG_9306Stairs at Palazzo di Brera


La Rinascente: This upscale department store next to the dome offers you everything from beauty to clothes, bags, household and food. But not only do they have high-end fashion, they also have great deals. So, if you visit La Rinascente on a low budget make sure to look for the items on sale.

Corso di Porta Ticinese: In this street, one’s not only passing by several great restaurants but there are also numerous boutiques for all types of style.

Vintage at Navigli: Are you a vintage fan? So, don’t forget to visit Navigli on Sunday. Yes, on Sunday. There is a huge flea market with everything from furniture to old Prada or Gucci handbags, clothes and hats in every color and style as well as second hand vintage fur jackets. Everything for a low price.

IMG_9124Navigli, Milan

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