Massages are great. Facial massages in my opinion are the key.

A lot of people don’t know how important and how good a facial massage is for your skin. But on the other hand everyone, especially women, always want to look young, beautiful and have nice nurished skin. Actually, facial massage is the key to all these points. No joke, regular facial massage can provide wrinkes and make your skin (you) look a lot younger than it (you) actually is (are).

During the day your skin has to adapt and stand different circumstances almost constantly, not mentioning the food that is going to affect our skin from the inside out.  (I can talk about this subject in another post if you’d like me to as I did a lot of research on this topic). Furthermore our muscles often get tense after a day full of talking or starring into a laptop. Massaging the skin will relax your muscles and relief tension.

I personally started doing self facial massages about two years ago because I constantly felt tension on my face, especially around my eyebrows and my cheek. Self facial massage helped me a lot reducing these symptoms. Because when you start massaging your skin, blood circulation starts and muscles relax.

Following, I want to give you a quick overview of how to do a relaxing self facial massage:

Before you start always wash your skin and your hands. You don’t want to massage any dirt or bacteria into your skin. Now, let’s go!

Product. When it comes to products for your skin, my way of picking them is different: My skin only gets water on it. I don’t wash it with a soap or use any cleanser, I only use water. The only time I need products for my skin is to remove my makeup (which is not that often because although I love makeup, I don’t put it on regularly.)

Actually, I started off massaging my face without any product on it. Now, I need an organic mineral cream. In my opinion choosing what product to use for massaging is a quite personal concern. If you want to do kind of a second cleanse while massaging, go for it. If you don’t feel like using any products, that’s fine. There is only one rule when it comes to products for your skin:  Your skin has to like it.

Massage. Facial massage is all about preventing. I tried to draw the massage movements so that you get an idea of how a facial massage looks like. This is not something I invented  but it’s what I learned while reading books and watching Youtube videos.

You don’t have to do facial massage on a daily basis but if you do it on a regular basis, like two to three times a week, you will definitely see an improvement in the texture and also in the tone of your skin.

So let’s get started.

To warm up my face, I like to gentely tap all over the face. This is going to relax your muscles and stimulate blood flow. Once you’re done, you can start with the massage movements.

First, lift your cheek with short upgoing movements and do some light circles on your forehead. (Yellow)

Second, do some circular movements on your cheek, right there, where you can feel the muscle. If you don’t know where, put your fingers on your cheek and open and close your mouth. You want to feel the muscle as you massage it. (Orange)

Third, go around your mouth, use your middle or your ring finger. You can do this as long as you like. (Salmon)

Forth, do some circles at the corner of your mouth. This is going to lift up your mouth circles and relax the muscle. (Purple)

Fifth, circle your eyes, starting in the corner of your eye and going upwards. If you tend to get puffy around the eyes this is a good technique to reduce puffyness. (Lime green)

Sixth. We’re going to focus on one of the main problematic areas for the most people: the forehead. Do some zic-zac motions, this will release the tension on the muscles. (Dark Green)

To end this massage, I like to do some acupressure. I start around the mouth and then go to my chin and my forehead. Following, I do pressure points all around my eyes, again starting from the inner corner and going upwards. If you struggle with some sinus problems don’t forget to press the corners of your nose. This is really benefitial to loose things up. To end this massage I press between my eyes, the third eye as it is called in yoga.

Press these points as long as you like and as long as you’re comfortable. There is no right or wrong. Sometimes I do this really fast and on other days I like to take my time. Especially, the last pressure point is extremly relaxing, I found myself leaning into my finger.img_9380

This is it! I hope you will try it out and it will help you to relax as much as it helps me. Don’t forget to tell me about your experience.


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