As I already talked about the Milan Fashion Week and I’m here in Milan rightnow, I thought about making a small post about the outfit I wore when we went to the places where the shows happened.

So, I a put together a outfit that I thought would look nice, fancy and fashion week worthy. I would love to hear from you also what you think about it and what you wore. Just that you know, I didn’t plan to go to the fashion week, so it was kind of a last minute outfit. Anyway I still like it.

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The skirt, I bought it at “la Rinascente” and it’s from a fashion label called Anäis Bruciamonti. I’ve actually never heard about it but I really love the skirt as I am a hudge ballet fan and for me this skirt makes me feel like a ballet dancer. Also, if you are in Milan and did not yet try out “la Rinascente” do it, they have great deals.

The pullover and the jacket are both from Zara. I just bought them a few days before the shows, so maybe you still get the items in the store. At least in italian Zara stores. I don’t know how the collections differ in different countries. I love the pullover, the texture feels like bukskin but of course it is 90% polyester as it is from Zara. Anyways in my opinion this is a great pullover, also to combine with ripped denim or if it has to be fany even with leather pants.

The shoes I actually have no ideas what label they are but in my eye they don’t work perfectly. I just couldn’t find anything better so I thought let’s just go with black boots they are neat, they are black so they’ll fit in the picture.

The clutch is actually a wallet from Michael Kors. Honestly I always take my wallet with me as a clutch if I don’t have any other bags that fit.

This is it! I absolutely love the skirt but there could have definitely been done more out of it, if I would have had more time to prepare. But as I said it was my first time and we decided quite sponaniously so I am still proud. I hope you like it and I would love to hear what you wore for Fashion Week.

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