As I happened to be in Milan right during the Fashion Week I especially want to highlight the shows taking place in Milan. Seeing all the great outfits of people, who got into a show, but also just observing the streetstyle during this week was amazing and inspiring. I got a ton of ideas for outfits, styles and of course future blog posts.

For everyone who is wondering: I have not been invited to a show (what a pity), I watched them all online, and for some shows I went to the actual place just to see the styles in front.

But what I want to point out in this post are not mainly the looks but the numerous political statements we saw during the fashion weeks. In New York, designers stood up for women and women’s rights. In Milan, the Missoni Women Pre-Fall 2017/2018 show showed probably the strongest statement concerning women and overall human rights.

After the about 15 minutes long lasting show, in which supermodels like Gigi Hadid or Jamie Bochert walked the runway, the models all came out with pink pussy hats on. Some of the hats will later even serve as a purpose for the American Civil Liberties Union and the UN Refugee Agency, so Vogue. According to “the Cut” also everyone in the audience received a special Missoni version of the hat. At the end of the show Angela Missoni herself made a statement, pointing out the bond between all the people that respect all human rights and the unification of the fashion world.


In my opinion giving such a powerful statement within your fashion show is a very brave act. And as a woman I am thankful to everyone who turns its art, speech or any other performance into a social and political statement. I don’t think it’s only in the hands of the powerful people to send a message out there – not at all. But it is very encouraging and motivating for every single woman to see that there are people on our side, and together we’re going to get the change we’re aiming for.

For everyone who did not yet see the whole show. Here you go: Missoni – Fall Winter 2017/18

By the way, not all my posts will be so full of political or social topics but first of all I think this is important and I like to conntect fashion or design in general to politics. Second, I thought it fits our mindset in consideration of the International Women’s Day on March 8th.

Sources: – www. – http://www.vogue.com

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